A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Day 26: I have a small table next to the space where I meditate. There is a candle there and some small, framed photos, a succulent. Essential oils that I use sometimes for aromatherapy etc. Today when I went to sit down, my camera was also on the table, as well as some all purpose cleaner. I lit my candle and started my meditation. Maybe a minute later….nope. I felt I needed to put my camera away. I felt I needed to put the cleaning solution away. So I did.

As you begin to meditate regularly, you find that you crave cleanliness and tidiness in your meditation space. And soon enough, this tidiness flows over into the rest of your spaces as well, both physical and mental.

Excited to explore this idea more…

Cleanliness may in fact be next to godliness.

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