Formula for Success (Maybe)

I’ve tried the Headspace App. I’ve tried the Calm App. I’ve tried David Cain’s Camp Calm. I took an Insight Meditation Society class in Cambridge MA. I’ took a Shambahala Meditation Class in New York. You get the point. None of these things have resulted in my forming a daily meditation habit.

But here I am in 2018, blowing through 30 days of consistent meditation. In the month of May I meditated in my parents in law’s bathroom. I meditated on a wedding weekend in Vermont.

So what’s different?

I think it’s a combination of things. I’m older, for one. And I don’t think we should underestimate this. You get better over time, even if you’re not trying particularly hard to, even if you feel like you’re moving in a million directions at once. You’re getting better. Keep doing what you’re doing; Keep wanting to get better.

This is how the formula seems to have gone for me:

  1. Bombard yourself with a ton of information on what it is that you want to get good at – in my case presence, meditation, mindfulness, philosophy, spirituality.
  2. Do this for at least 10 years (there can be hiatuses here!).
  3. Keep trying new things and setting new goals which may or may not seem related to your ultimate goal. Accomplish some of these goals.
  4.  Eventually, you will find things easier and you will be able to start the thing (daily and consistent mediation) that will, in 30 years, potentially lead to ultimate wellbeing.


(Absorbing The Right Information by Learning  and Reading Teachings from People who Know their Craft)10 + (Setting of ~500 goals resulting in accomplishment of ~50 goals) = Ability to Start Something that will Lead to Success

Maybe. Let’s see.

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