Stop Taking It So Seriously

Life is at once deadly serious and not serious at all.

Meditation is the same. If you are a person like me, it is deadly important that you sit. If you sit regularly and in earnest, you will become a kinder, clearer-minded, more patient, less angry person. Your anxiety will take a back seat. Your temper will mellow. Your relationships will improve because you will listen to the people in your life. Your concentration will improve, and as Shinzen Young has so rightly pointed out, “concentration is at the base of the pyramid of all human endeavors.” So show up, be still, be aware of your breath and make it a priority to sit.

But ALSO, I’ve been practicing seated meditation everyday for the last 78 days. And sometimes I was in jean shorts when I sat (they’re stretchy it’s fine). Sometimes I didn’t have my cushions or I didn’t particularly want to sit or I was tired or bored by the idea. Sometimes I barely became aware of my breath. Sometimes I was thinking, the entire time, that I couldn’t wait for that timer to go off. And that’s ok. We are imperfect. It’s not so serious. You can mess up. You can mess up all you want, as long as you show up.

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