You Have New Ears

Alan Watts said, “there are no new ideas, but there are always new ears.”

We can read this quote in two ways: The first being that there are always new ears, i.e. there are always new people who haven’t heard the idea we’re trying to convey.

But I find the quote more interesting if we read it in this way: That existing ears become new.

And here, again, is this idea I keep returning too. That we change. We ripen. We grow and become ready.

And the best way to become ready to hear what you need to hear and to implement the changes that will help you find your peace is to listen. Listen to the ideas, even if they aren’t new. Listen to the teachers. Listen to others. Read. Read it again. Check in on people who inspire you. Remind yourself. Remind yourself again.

Your ears are new and you are learning, every single day. What does not resonate today may resonate tomorrow. What only resonates intellectually today may resonate in the body tomorrow.

And if tomorrow your ears and mind are ready, and you hear some words or some idea at the right moment, you will be transfigured. But you won’t know if you’re ready to hear it until you do hear it. So just keep listening, keep the ears open.

But wait there’s more. Because then, when you think your ears are new, and you think you’ve heard what you needed to hear, you still need to keep reminding yourself.

Even after you’ve grown the wings, you have to continue to groom them and keep them in working condition. Every. Single. Day.

When’s the last time you read that text that you find supremely inspiring? Or watched  that You Tube video you love?

Revisit it. Let yourself be reminded.

~Day 86

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