Finding the High

Have you ever had runner’s high? For many years I thought it was fake. I would run two or three miles, sporadically, and think…I don’t get it. Running is running. I thought the people who said they would get a high were lying…or at the very least embellishing.

And then I met my husband and we started running together consistently. In 2017  I trained for a half marathon and then I finished the half marathon and felt so good that I signed up for a full marathon two months later.

Needless to say…I found the runner’s high. I don’t get it every time, no. But very often, from mile 7 to 9, it is there. All of a sudden I feel like a god. My mind is clear and my legs move with ease. It is a true joy and no, calling it a high is not an exaggeration.

Turns out I had just never  gone deep enough to feel the high. Instead, I would run the first couple miles (arguably the worst ones) over and over and over again.

Are you doing this with your meditation practice? Maybe. The first ten minutes of meditation are the worst minutes. They’re definitely doing you some good, no doubt, even just taking the posture itself has benefits. But if you’re feeling frustrated and confused as to why you’re not dropping into the body, hang in. Sit for longer. It hurts, it’s uncomfortable. But so is running 10 miles. I’m sitting for 25 minutes most mornings and guess what…I think I want to go deeper.

**I realize we should not be chasing a high and this is not the point of meditation. But some of us are still at the very beginning of the journey and it can help with motivation and consistency to feel some “good” and “positive” feelings during seated meditation. Helps to keep us coming back to the cushion in these early days.

Thanks for reading 🙂 and Happy Friday 🙂

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