What’s the Point of Meditation?

A few nights ago I spent some time with former colleagues. One of them asked how my meditation was going and it sparked a conversation about meditation that included questions such as:

“What do you do?”

“What’s the purpose?”

“Do you do guided or unguided?”

and “What’s your end goal here?”

It was so interesting. I’ve become so deeply involved with this practice that I forget that most people don’t really understand meditation or why we do it.

I also found myself going in a bunch of directions when trying to explain myself to my friends. It is complicated and it is very layered and I need to work on my “pitch.”

So I want to try to explain succinctly, at least partially. What’s the point?

The point is that it’s easy to move through modern life on autopilot. We spend most of our time in one moment but thinking about another moment. We plan future days while spending time with loved ones. We wonder how we could better our appearance while we eat a meal. We get lost in negative thoughts, lost in fantasy, lost in worry.

When one rarely sits in the present moment, one find herself anxious. One finds herself looking for something. “If I could just get here,” she thinks. “If I could just have that,” she says.

But by sitting still in meditation and being aware of the present moment we can train ourselves —over long periods of time—to come into the present moment during our daily lives and be ok with what currently exists.

So what’s the point of meditation? Right now, for me, the point is to move in the direction of peace. In the direction of the true self, in the direction of discernment. The point is to move in the direction of the real bodily knowledge that I, right where I am, belong.

“Ugh,” people think. “That sounds hard, that sounds boring.”

Das ok! You do you. I’ll be here, doing me. If you are ready and if you need this, it will find you.


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