How to Eat Mindfully

Meditation has so many incredible benefits. Since I began my regular meditation practice, I’ve been particularly struck by how much my relationship with food and drink has changed.

In the past I had a hard time choosing healthy foods or eating in moderation. Reducing the amount of alcohol I drink in a single sitting? Very hard. Not eating ice cream anytime I want? Very hard. Cutting out added sugar? Almost impossible.

But meditation has changed this.

Tonight for example: I left yoga class and felt hungry. I felt a little twinge in the belly. Ugh, I thought. I need food. But I also needed to run some errands before going home. There was good and healthy food to eat at home, but that felt really far away.

In the past I would have ducked into Chipotle and purchased a “small burrito.”

Tonight though , I took a minute to assess how my body felt.

On a scale from 0-10, if 0 is “Fatigued-by-this-hunger-and-actually-problematically hungry” and 10 is “Thanksgiving-I’ll-never-eat-again full,” I was probably a 4. So yea, when I thought of it that way, I wasn’t that hungry. Also, the feeling of this level of hunger isn’t that bad. It’s just a feeling.

So I decided to wait. When I did get home two hours later the hunger hadn’t gotten much worse. Still a twinge. Still probably a 4. A good reminder that I’m alive and my body is working.

I ate a green salad and some leftover whole wheat pasta. 👊🏻 Mindfulness wins again.

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