Easy Ways to Remind Yourself that You Are Capable

We wallpapered our bathroom this weekend. A number of people asked me why I wouldn’t just hire someone to do it for me. We’d never wallpapered anything before. That’s going to miserable, they said.

Well for one we’re trying to save money right now. But also, now that we’ve done it, and it looks amazing, we feel really proud. We took the time to figure out how to do this ourselves and spent some time laughing and yelling at each other and wallpapering and listening to music.

Today, we can outsource almost everything. We can outsource the decorating and cleaning of our homes. We can outsource the preparation of meals. We can outsource the good work of stress relief to drugs and alcohol.

But I want to be careful about all this. And consider just how much effort I avoid through my consumption of modern conveniences. Consider how much growth and development I miss out on when I outsource work time and time again.

Anyway, maybe try just doing something yourself. You might be surprised at your capability. And how good it feels.

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