Why You Should Make Your Bed

Every action you take is a “vote” for the kind of person you are going to become.

I was talking to some people this weekend who said they did not make their beds in the morning. I did not know that these people still existed at my age. Making the bed in the morning matters. It is one of the first things you can do when you wake up to signal to yourself that you choose calm and order and deliberate action. This is how our lives work. We choose to live with effort and deliberation or we do not. We choose to sit and meditate or we choose not to. And any one choice on any one day feels minor and unimportant. But when we string the days together and look back, we see that we have changed.

We make the bed. We choose to have things in their place. We see that our lives have a sense of order and easefulness.

We meditate. We choose to focus on the present, the reality in front of us. We see that our bodies have become a kind of home. We see that we have far more control over our experience than we used to.

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