How to Get Started in Meditation

“How do I get started in meditation?” People have been asking me this lately. So this is how I would start:

(1) Sit. Sit on the ground. Get your hips higher than your knees using cushions/blankets/whatever.

(2) Set a timer for 20 minutes and then put it out of sight (yes behind you).

(3) Yes, You can close your eyes. I don’t because it makes me 😴 and it’s GOOD to be alert during your meditation. So maybe gaze a couple feet in front of you with your chin tucked. Try to widen your peripheral vision- we don’t want to be staring at anything.

(4) Relax the jaw. I place the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth, just behind my teeth. It helps, promise.

(5) Become aware of your breath. Where do you feel it most? Some people feel it in the nostrils. Some people feel it in the belly. Some people feel it in the chest. Wherever you feel it, be aware of it. Does it feel good? (I hope so) but maybe it feels neutral, maybe it feels not so good. Notice it. Pay attention to it. Be curious about it.

You’re doing great!

(6) Ok but now there’s this issue with thoughts. The mind wants to think thoughts. Treat your mind like a puppy you’re trying to train. The puppies don’t know any better. So they run away (future thinking). They dig holes (ruminating/thinking on the past). The get into the garbage (jealous, negative or self criticizing thoughts). They jump up and down. They head straight for the muddiest part of the yard (a place in the body experiencing discomfort). It’s ok. We bring them back to the training ground. Point out the breath to your puppy. Don’t scold it. Just bring it back.

(7) Repeat. Repeat. Keep repeating your valiant effort of finding the puppy and bringing the puppy back to the training ground.

(8) Voila! You meditated! 🥳🧠🧘🏼‍♀️✨

(9) Do it again tomorrow.

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