Power Yourself

The good work is in showing up to the moment exactly in front of you and choosing effort.

Some examples:

Snooze button? Effort says no

Meditate right now at 6am as planned? Effort says meditate.

Walk or Uber to work today? Effort says walk

A heaping glass of wine with dinner tonight? Effort says no

Get Sh*t done at work today or slack? Effort says get work done.

Stop at the gym on the way home? Effort says yes.

Write a blog post today or keep putting it off? Effort says write.

Spend time mindlessly scrolling through Instagram coveting other people’s lives? Effort says no.

Think poorly of the person who cut me off on the street today? Effort says wish him happiness.

Life is made of these tiny choices. Every single day.

When we show up to  a moment, we find that we are powerful. We are powerful because we get to choose, every single second. And it’s a special kind of power, because it has nothing to do with anyone else. These are the choices we have control over. This is how we power ourselves. We can take ownership of our lives. And if we do we see that freedom, happiness, respect of our peers, it’s all right in front of us for the taking if we’d just choose it.

It’s simple. It’s not easy but it is simple.

So where does mindfulness come into all this? Mindfulness practice helps because it becomes an arrow in your daily life, pointing at the present, saying, “Hey, you do have a choice here right now.”

Every. Single. Moment.

Imagine how fast your life could turn around.

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