A Nontraditional Lovingkindness Meditation

Last night I practiced metta, a lovingkindness meditation. A meditation I know I need to do to keep my heart open. But a meditation that I (still) find myself putting off.

I found myself distracted during my practice so I decided to use the distraction. I decided that whenever I found that my mind had wandered, I would find the people in that wandered-to space and wish them well. So when my mind started to think about work, I practiced friendliness and kindness for my coworkers.

“May you be happy, may you know love, may you know wonder.”

And then when my mind wandered to the gym and how I haven’t been going as often as I’d like, I sent metta and friendliness to the people who I see there. The coaches and owners and the people I workout alongside.

“May you feel healthy. May you feel happy. May you feel strong and capable.”

The point is that metta meditation doesn’t need to be traditional. It doesn’t need to be glamorous. It just needs to happen. It just needs to be quiet, still, and an effort, however small, in cultivating kindness.

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