How to Know if your Meditation Practice is Working

People who meditate often wonder if it’s doing anything. Meditation practice itself can be dull. We’re just sitting. Trying to be present. Trying to catch our mind when it wanders. Ok but what am I trying to get out of all that? Well it’s going to show up in your regular life. It will. I promise. Just keep going.

Here a sign of progress for you. Maybe you’ve noticed something similar. This is one of the many little signs I’ve seen that make me realize how much this practice has changed me.

Friday night we were in an Uber. Our Uber driver was slow. He made a number of wrong turns. He ignored the GPS. What could have been a 10 minute ride ended up being closer to 18. At some point around minute eleven my husband started wriggling in his seat. I could hear him sighing, glancing at me. I could tell he wanted me to join him.

Meanwhile, I felt no frustration whatsoever. I was happy to sit, happy to just be, driving in a warm car on our way to get some cocktails downtown.

Amazing. A year ago he would have been the one calming me down. He would have held my hand and said it was ok. And I would have said it’s just unacceptable and why is it that people can’t just learn to drive? And then I would have continued to talk about it as we walked into the bar and continued to make snarky comments that I thought were funny but were really just exhausting.

This time we walked into the bar and Mike said, “Who are you? I can’t believe you were able to stay so relaxed.”

Neither can I. Sometimes I barely recognize myself.

But these are the moments that make up a lot of our waking lives: small annoyances, waiting in line, sitting in traffic, commuting, traveling. And I’m finally learning that it’s more enjoyable to be with these moments than to fight them. 🧘🏼‍♀️

This is progress, my darlings.

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