Stop Telling Me My Meditation Practice is the Same as Brushing My Teeth

How many times have we heard this:

“You want to get your meditation practice to be so part of your routine, that it’s just like brushing your teeth!”

But it’s not like brushing your teeth.

We don’t brush our teeth for 20 minutes at a time. Let’s not minimize what we’re doing here.

I also don’t want people to think they’re doing something wrong if, even after a year or two of meditating regularly, it’s still hard to sit down sometimes. It probably always will be.

Meditation practice is not a simple mindless autopilot act like brushing your teeth.

Meditation is, by definition, mindful. It is work. It is good work. It requires real, serious discipline. It requires you to put in the effort and show up.

When I first started meditating, I heard from one women who told me she had a daily practice for years and then, she just stopped. At the time I was so confused, how could that happen? But today, after over a year of meditating almost daily, I see how it could happen. It could happen if you just don’t show up for a couple days in a row. It could happen if you start sitting for fewer and fewer minutes at a time. And all of a sudden it’s down to nothing.

Don’t take your practice for granted.

If you’re meditating regularly, you should be proud of yourself. Keep going. 🐌

6 Replies to “Stop Telling Me My Meditation Practice is the Same as Brushing My Teeth”

  1. Well said! Too many people want to make many things sound “easy” when they’re not. Tell it like it is and stop dumbing things down. I discover something new, and difficult, about meditating all the time.

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  2. Super post thank you. I think you miss the point it’s not about the teeth it Le about the routine and a feeling. For example when I brush my teeth I feet fresh afterwards it’s the same with meditation. Sometimes when I forget to brush I cannot put my finger on it but something does not feel so right. Its the same when I forget to meditate. We need to develop this feeling that hey something is missing it reminds us to sit down again and work with our minds. It’s far better when I remember for my self than when a friend or colleague reminds me. You are bang on that it is hard but good work to form a new life habit but it is so worth it. Challenging site can and will arise in everyone’s practice from time to time and here is where we really test our resolve. That’s why it is called a practice, you need to practice it again and again and yes again.

    Your post is really timely for me I was just starting an piece on discipline an the six paramitas.

    Have a great day!



      1. In the beginning it’s hard to put you finger on it. I noticed first with not getting angry so fast and when I did not meditate it started happening more quickly. After noticing that I slowly began to feel a tightness when I hadn’t meditated. It really is a body feeling. And there really a connection between body and mind. Too bad we are not taught that sooner in life.



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