A Trick for Getting Yourself to Meditate

I meditate first thing in the morning. Which can be hard. I actually think it’s better for me to meditate in the evening: I’ve noticed that my brain is slower and my thoughts don’t jump as much at night. But things happen at night. Things get in the way, life is busy, so I meditate in the morning so I can be sure I won’t miss it.

If sitting first thing in the morning feels daunting, maybe try this approach: just get yourself there. Tell yourself you’ll sit down for just one minute. Just sit. Get your tush on the cushion. That’s the hard part. Once you’re there, you spend a minute settling in, aligning your posture. Ok how do you feel? Maybe you do get up after that minute. But more likely, once you’re sitting down, you’ll decide to meditate for a bit. Maybe you’re feeling 10 minutes, maybe 20, maybe today it’s just going to be five. That’s ok. Not every day has to be full on effort. But I find that once I sit down, and my body is in that familiar cross-legged position, it all becomes easy. It’s the getting to the cushion that’s the hard part. So do whatever you need to do to convince your pesky ego to get there. Happy sitting!

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