Happiness is not a Collection

The ego believes happiness results for collection and accumulation.

The ego is wrong.

I guess this is obvious. But it’s also sometimes hard to remember.

I may be more advanced now than to just try to collect “stuff” like clothes, cars, or perfectly decorated rooms in my apartment. But I’m still collecting. Collecting paychecks and savings, and chic places traveled to, and adventures, and books read, and instagram worthy photos.

And the collecting isn’t so wrong in and of itself. But when we attach this idea to the collection-in-process — that at some point in the future this collection will make us feel good and happy — this idea yanks us out of the present and into some fantasy future. And that’s the problem with the ego. It robs us of the present moment, where the real happiness is lying, just begging for you to notice.

So watch your ego. Watch it closely.

Being able to recognize its tricks is the first step.

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