About A Year Of Meditation

After years of trying to establish a meditation practice, I decided I needed to try something a bit bigger. So I did away with the “what’s the smallest step you could take,” mindset and challenged myself to a full year of meditation.

Even writing it feels scary. It’s a lot of days to do something. But I also feel ready to take this on. I have the time and I have the support and I’ve been working on my self-discipline (thanks marathon training).  Also, I know I’m capable of more and I’m tired of the false starts when it comes to my spiritual and mental health progress.

So, I’ve committed to a year of meditation. Seated mindfulness meditation, 20 minutes a day, for 365 days. The meditation is breath-focused. I use a Zafu and Zabuton unless I’m traveling, in which case I use whatever I can find.


^ Above is the original “About”. I’m adding an update here because I started May 7, 2018. And so I’m very close to completing my year of meditation. Did I miss some days? Yes. During the second half of the year, I missed some weekend days due to travel, family visiting etc. But I did manage to meditate for at least 20 minutes over 330 days in the last year and I’m really quite proud of myself. And astounded at the effect it’s had on my well-being, demeanor, patience, generosity, etc.


The year is officially up on May 7, 2019 but I’ll continue my daily-ish meditation practice and continue to share tips and lessons learned from my ongoing efforts.

If you’re considering starting a meditation practice, please start. I hope the information here can inspire you and help you to craft a meditation practice that works for you.

Whether you’re interested in practicing or just interested in learning more about meditation, I appreciate your taking the time to read.

xox Jacki

Actually about me: I live in Jersey City with my husband. I work in Manhattan at a Norwegian bank. I’m originally from the suburbs of Boston. I love being outside, being by the ocean or in the mountains, listening to music and occasionally singing it. In addition to meditation, exercise is a huge part of my ongoing effort to stay well. Currently obsessed with running and weightlifting, which I also write about de temps en temps. I travel quite a bit for work and for fun so many of the photos I use are from those wanderings. (All photos are my own) 😘